December 2015

I got a new IPhone this month. My old one died of obsolescence, planned or otherwise. It just stopped working well.  I also learned through the replacement process that I hadn’t backed up my phone in a very long time, … Continue Reading

November 2015

My “Kill Me Now” mason jar is empty.  In fact, I pulled off the yellow sticky that said, “Kill Me Now. $1,” washed it out and put it away. It’s now a cup. My jar was just for me as … Continue Reading

October 2015

It’s that time of year again – when we plan to do something good. Really good. Like work at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving day, donate to a food pantry, bring warm coats to the Salvation Army. It’s THAT time … Continue Reading

September 2015

Mike Daisey is a monologist who got caught in a lie.  He fabricated his encounters with factory workers in China that he described in one of his performance pieces.  I learned this from Google. I typed his name into the … Continue Reading

August 2015

 I went to a book party for a newly published graphic novel called Ann Tenna.  The author, Marisa Acocella Marchetto invited me, knowing I would like the book.  “You’ll like it. It’s about Karma, “ she told me.  There was … Continue Reading

July 2015

Where do I begin this month? I heard so many lovely stories and saw so many acts of kindness from people that it’s really hard to decide what to share.  July is a month when many families are on vacation, … Continue Reading

June 2015

Every morning, I open my Karmic app, shake my phone and do the good deed that appears on the screen.  I call it my “morning shake” – my way to achieve a healthful, uplifting start to the day.  But the … Continue Reading

May 2015

If you’re a friend of mine, you have the Karmic app on your phone because I have cornered you, in the nicest way, and watched you download it!  I do this because I believe not just in what I created … Continue Reading

January 2015

Over the holiday’s, I got an email from a woman whose store I frequent.  In the course of the email, she told me her daughter was having her last chemo treatment for colon cancer and that her mother was just … Continue Reading